Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take a Minute

So here I sit thinking about drowning in an endless sea of pussy. Fucking my way to the bitter end. Just speed ball my way to hell while smoking that sweet sweet Mary Jane. Living everyday as fast and as hard are you can. Is that a way to live? Like some glammed up 80s rock star? Some may say that there can be nothing better than that high you feel. Running wild, doing whatever and whoever at will. In my opinion there is something exponentially better than that. Its elegant, deep, and unreal. Its something simple, yet complex simultaneously. Its Love. I'm not talking about that mushy fairy tale love that makes a good catholic girl wet. I'm talking about the love for slowing down and just realizing where you are. The love for the simple things in the world that are perfect. There's no better feeling than waking up as the sun peaks the skyline while birds sing, and fog blankets the ground. Just soaking up how flawless that moment is, and loving every nanosecond. Slow down, breathe, and love the utopia you're standing in. Remember that feeling and try to spread it too everyone you can.

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