Saturday, July 24, 2010


So, I came home today to the wonderful Yan (Penn Yan, NY). Just a normal visit home saying hello to the rents and hanging with some friends, but I got talking with my Mom and one of my good friends Karl Fleming tonight. We talked about pretty much everything. What we need for our apartment this coming year and the gossip my mom needed to tell us. We got onto the topic of my sister and I and how we get along really well. This got me thinking about the best memory I have with my sister Amanda, and I realized it was a battle of epic proportions. When we were younger and still living in our old house in Branchport we got in a bit of a verbal disagreement. She said something or I said something either way I ended up tapping her lightly with a wooden spoon. She may say that it was a lot harder, but shes lying. So after this light tap her reaction was to get a pot lid as defense. Thinking this was a good idea I proceeded to do the same. This led to a fury of wooden spoon sword fighting and the clang of metal. Sadly, my sister out fought me into a den we had that led to our front porch. I looked around and the only way out of this situation was out the door and onto the porch. As I got out of the door my sister cornered me. Cackling like some crazed homeless women. I thought I was doomed, til I saw my redemption. The tongs to the grill, the perfect utensil weapon. I grabbed it and fought back valiantly while my Mom screamed, and my Dad laughed. Finally the battle came to an end. Neither She or I won it was a draw. We looked at each other with an icy cold stare. Then laughed.

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