Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 AM

I can honestly say I miss The Yan on nights like this. It's not the town itself or the people in it (some I miss). I miss going for a drive at 3 in the morning. Yeah, I could drive around Rochester...but it's not the same too me. People stumbling, dragged, or kicked out of bars on a Tuesday night. A drunk chick sprinting across the street while her drunk friends yell. Some pretentious dickhead burning out around a corner thinking they're bad ass (guilty). Getting a red light at an intersection with you being the only one there. I guess what I miss is driving down main street and not seeing a single soul. Every building closed up waiting for a new dawn. Not even a car parked on the side of the road. Just weaving my way through the streets of what seems like a deserted town. Driving in no particular direction or purpose. I feel disengaged. No one to judge my off pitch singing, or the dirty, wrinkled t-shirt I threw on that morning. Windows down having the cool,sharp air caress my face. The Interior lit up by the soft green light of the dash. Searching for that one nostalgic song on the radio. The one about a lost love, or a new one found. Before you know it you're on a back road doing 80 with a smile on your face. Pouring your heart out to that song that was luckily on. Forgetting every mistake you've made so far. The only thing that matters is your foot on the pedal and your hand out the window. Wishing everyday could be as care free as a drive at 3 am.

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