Monday, September 27, 2010

Things Around RIT - Part I

So, Today I was minding my own business in the library when I saw "That one guy" walking around. If you go to R.I.T. you've probably seen him. Gross, dark, scraggly beard, those creepy sandals with Velcro and shit. Seems to never dress appropriately for the weather outside, and by that I mean shorts and T-shirt always. Oh, and have I forgotten the wide brimmed bucket hat that always seems to be placed somewhat off on his head, like some sadistic, soul crushing torture for an OCD kid. Please, I'm begging you kid. When the winter rolls around just throw on some pants. Also, maybe a different hat once and a while. I'm not saying have three hats. OH GOD NO! That would be blasphemy to your crooked hat, Velcro sandal, T-shirt all the god damn time wearing cult. The other person that I would like to mention is the chick who wears a Santa hat..EVERY GOD DAMN DAY. What are you trying to prove? That by wearing that hat the cheer of Christmas will surround you? No, you want to know what it does? Makes people want to smother you with that god damn hat. Hows that for some Christmas cheer?

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