Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friend Zone

Finally a post...Haha. Anyways I was talking today with my friend Jared, and he got me thinking. The Friend Zone is pretty much a black hole of happiness. That, or living in New Jersey. Either way its horrible. I know what everyone is going to say..."quit bitchin". My response you may ask? Fuck off. Its not the fact that I've been "banished" on countless occasions. Or the fact every time I was "banished" I deserved it (still under investigation). No, its just I know the real reasons. Now, here are the top three reasons guys are told they are in the Friend Zone. One, "You're such a great guy, and I don't want to ruin our friendship." Two, "You remind me so much of my/a brother." Last but not least, "I didn't know, why didn't you make a move?". Ok, so the first ones meaning (My opinions). This one is easy. You as a person have a great personality that she loves, but sadly you don't meet her standards. Oh well. The second one has a little more depth to it. She likes you and all that, but she already has someone in her life that's a carbon copy. She can relate how you act to someone who already exists. Most likely the person being a great friend, or someone who has already been "banished". Tisk tisk...Poor mother-fucker. Now, on to the last one...Oh the last one. Making the move...completely up in the air. She could have been digging you, then you bitched out. Or, she knew you're a pussy and wouldn't do anything. Hey, at least there was a possibility.

Love writing bullshit

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