Monday, October 18, 2010

Just a Rant...

Does anyone know the Webster Dictionary's definition for Chivalry? Yeah, me either. If I had to guess though it would run along the lines of courtesy towards women, or the code of medieval knighthood. Either one works. The biggest question though is is chivalry dead? Most women will say that it is, but what's the mans point of view? I'll tell you what it is most of the time. Its the general things, like opening doors, or paying for a dinner and a movie. Oh look out! So I guess what you can say is that being chivalrous as a guy is having some sort of soul. In other words not having an empty black void of hatred where your heart should be. No. That's not what chivalry is. The people who know the real way to be chivalrous are the hopeless romantics. The reason why is that they thrive off of the idea of love. They dream of a day where they can make some grand romantic gesture too someone. They're the idealist, the dreamers, the imaginative. They make love look like an art form. It sounds so perfect when you describe the romantic part first, but they don't get the term hopeless for nothing. That day of your dreamed romantic gesture will never come. It will only stay a dream. Trapped in your mind slowly dissolving away and becoming a hopeless feeling. The term "dreamer" comes with a price somewhere, and this happens to be it. So what brings a person to become a hopeless romantic? Too many cliche romantic comedies, or is it seeing so many people happy when you're not? I think its the people who have been destroyed, crippled, decimate with the toils of love. I know what some people might think "I've had my heart broken I've had it the worst." Yes, that may be true, and I can't compare too your side of the story unless I'm told. But, I can tell you what I think it is. Try thinking about something that you use everyday, but could eventually live without. Lose it. Now a pet you cared for. Gone. How about a best friend? Vanished, and so on and so on exponentially increasing. Having this happen too you without ever catching a break in the game of love. Yet even after all of this for some god forsaken reason they still hold onto that glimmer of hope. That everything they do for someone will be noticed. In the end, we just want someone to care for. Someone to wish goodnight, and to roll over too in the morning. Too make you feel beautiful every fucking day.

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