Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Thought

Well I just wrote this really quick, and I know what you'll think.

"damn, this is depressing"

Yeah, It is, and I understand that. I'm not even in a bad mood. Hell, my night was pretty good. I went out to the bar, and had a few beers with some friends. We then came back to my place and smoked some hookah, while I indulged in a little bit of pineapple juice with rum. We talked about life, love, family, and friends, as I french rolled and the rings rose. So here it is my little piece of...well I don't know. Try and do better in 4 minutes.

The sun peaks, the sky weeps
The wind blows, a cloud creeps
In the end we all sleep
With the eyes of the weak

That's right, read it and bow down to my glorious/horrendous bit of poetry.

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